Salsa Classes in The Lehigh Valley & Surrounding Areas

Classes available for all levels

(Time until the first class of the August Cycle)

Step into the joy of Salsa & Bachata dancing.

We are a Salsa dance school based in The Lehigh Valley & Surrounding Areas. We offer different levels of Salsa On2 classes (Salsa New York Style) for all levels. Whether you are Beginner, Intermediate, or a more experienced dancer, we have the best salsa classes for you.
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Our Salsa group classes are taught not only with the counting of numbers, but we go deeper into the Salsa music to give you a better understanding of how to feel the rhythm and interpret it into your steps & partnerwork. We also specialize in private lessons, corporate events, and salsa socials.

PreBeginner/ Level 1

For those just starting out and designed to get even those with 2 left feet to start dancing.

We teach Salsa On2 (also known as New York Style) which connects the dancer to the rhythm of the music.

Beginner/ Level 2

For students who know the 20 basic steps and shines introduced in Level 1.
(Recommend students have taken at least one complete cycle of Level 1 first.)

Intermediate / Level 3

Introduces more complex turns, styling, and patterns.

(Recommend students have taken at least three cycles of Level 2 first.)

Intermediate/ Level 4

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Learn this flirty dance in a style that leaves room for a little baby deity in between you and your partner We'll teach you partner work and some fancy footwork without going too heavy on the body rolls.

Salsa On1 /

Levels 1 & 2

Salsa On1 accentuates a different instrument in the music. Visually, Salsa On1 looks very similar to Salsa On2 Many of the steps & patterns can be done while dancing either style. However, the timing is very different and switching between On1 & On2 can be extra challenging for any student.

We Care About Dancing... and You!

At Lehigh Valley Salsa Social, we come together as a community because of a shared passion for dance. Those relationships extend far beyond the dance floor. We can be found together singing karaoke, attending a Latin comedy night, or supporting both dance and non-dance endeavors of our members.

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